Check out Lenovo’s Foldable Phone Prototype!

Credit: bang_gogo_ / Twitter

The race for foldable phones and foldable screens has started a while ago, with every major phone company out there (as well as smaller ones) trying to become the first one to deliver more than just a concept.

Lenovo is one of the few companies that have not only been actively showing foldable prototypes, but also making a real effort to turn them into reality.

Recently, a leaked video showcased a Lenovo foldable phone that not only seems to be fully functional but also capable of loading apps, without being riddled with dead pixels.

Credit: memberst / YouTube

Here, we can see that the phone is quite tall, which is understandable for a device that sports a folding screen. It also has a very thick ‘chin’ and ‘forehead’, but considering it’s a prototype, they might go away when or if Lenovo delivers a finished product.

The phone appears to have three bendable joints but has an otherwise pretty robust look.

Since October seems to be the official month of unveiling smartphones, perhaps Lenovo has a surprise in store for us as well. We’ll definitely keep you updated.

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