Lenovo Might Soon Launch A Foldable Tablet
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Lenovo Might Soon Launch A Foldable Tablet


Yes, I know what you’re thinking: everyone is talking about the foldable screens they’re going to launch all the time but no one is giving the public anything substantial.

Well, this time we might have a winner, because this is one company who has made visible efforts to make the foldable screens a reality – a report coming in from South Korea’s ETnews states that a Lenovo tablet with an LG-made foldable screen is underway.

According to the report, the tablet in question will have a 13 inch display when fully opened, which will become an 8 to 9 inch one when folded. It will first arrive on the Chinese market before it will reach anywhere else.

LG Display seems to think that there are more opportunities in the foldable tablet branch than the foldable smartphone one – while a phone screen is hidden when folded, a tablet only benefits from it by being less bulky and much easier to be carried around.

The general line of thought is also that phones need to be folded at least dozens of times a day, while a tablet will suffer a lower frequency of folding, so the panels, in turn, will have a longer lifespan.

LG has allegedly declined to make any comments about the report but we will keep you posted if we find out anything new.

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