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The New Kindle Paperwhite Can Stay Underwater For Up To An Hour

Amazon Kindle

Amazon released another version of its Kindle e-reader and it’s thinner and even lighter than its predecessor, if such a thing was possible, and it also comes with double the storage – 8GB worth of it, to be more exact. There’s also a 32Gb version out there for those of us who are hardcore bookworms.

It weighs just 182g (6.4oz) and has a thickness of only 8.18mm (0.32in). The six inch display has a 300 ppi resolution and five integrated LED that will aid night reading, as well as an adjustable front light. It has Wi-Fi, as all the models in the Kindle range and also Bluetooth and Audible functionality.

The home menu also got a remodeling and it now includes charts to show you how many days you’ve spent reading the past month and other literary achievements.

As always, you have multiple customizable settings like fonts and boldness but now you can save a number of them and change your reading experience however you see fit, whenever you see fit.

But one of the best highlights of the model is the IPX8 waterproof rating it got – the e-reader can now withstand around 60 minutes of submersion in two meters (6.5ft) of water.

The 8GB Kindle Paperwhite comes with a $130 price tag, while the 32GB one is priced at $160. Shipping starts November 7th.

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