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Why LG G7 One Should Travel With You Everywhere

You’ve heard it one every tech website or blog encountered: LG G7 One is Android power unleashed. Every single editor out there advised you to consider it purely for its stripped-back software experience, carrying Google’s stock Android program. While that’s sound advice, my suggestion is to check it out for a second reason: its traveling benefits.

At IFA Berlin, we discovered LG G7 One is actually the perfect traveling companion. How come? Well, the Google Lens tool it brings is much more than a way to pass the time.

Imagine you’re traveling alone, maybe vlogging, in a country where you don’t speak the language. Maybe you didn’t even have the time to research your surroundings before landing. Jet-lagged as you are, it’s going to be a headache to understand what historical landmarks you’re passing by.

If you turn on Google Lens though, and point out at a building or street sign, you will get all the information needed. In your language, on your device.

Not a globetrotter? Rest assured, you’ll find that the LG G7 One is a cinephile’s must-have. The smartphone can offer a rich, immersive cinematic experience thanks to DTS:X 3D surround sound and beautiful graphics. Your current environment will be long forgotten as you’ll step into the movie world, engulfed in vibrant sounds.

See LG’s first Android One phone up close in Yue’s review above!

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