LG Is Starting To Sell iPhones in South Korea

LG Is Starting To Sell iPhones in South Korea

Remember when we talked about LG’s controversial decision to sell iPhones in their South Korean stores? Well, that potential move is becoming reality this August.

LG’s partnership with Apple has once again surfaced, making us believe LG will actually sell Apple devices in theri 400 stores across South Korea. Of course, this helps LG keep those stores open even as the company is out of the smartphone business. Also, this helps Apple immensely, making their presence even more felt on the Asian market.

At the moment, in South Korea, Samsung is king with more than 67% market share, with Apple getting just about 22%. With LG that has a 10% market share, Apple can gain a bit more terrain. In return, the company is incentivizing US customers to trade LG phones for iPhones and get $180 as a reward.

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LG’s call was met with some resistance by the National Mobile Communication Distribution Association. At first, their tactics were seen as a violation of a competition agreement. However, that changed and it allowed LG to continue with its plans.

If all goes well, their stores should start selling iPhones next month. Next to them, customers will also find Apple Watches and iPads. The only Apple products missing from the shelves will be Macs and MacBooks as LG has their own machines out for sale.

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LG Is Starting To Sell iPhones in South Korea
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