LG Brings Gorgeous Google Assistant-Ready Headphones at IFA Berlin


Just ahead of the biggest event of the fall, IFA Berlin, LG decided to announce the Tone Platinum SE and the Tone Ultra SE earbuds that they plan to bring to the showroom floor.

Some seriously sleek wireless headphones, the LG Tone headphones have a very big selling point – a dedicated button for Google Assistant, so you don’t have to say “Okay Google”.

“This benefit becomes apparent when using services such as Google Translate. Without the need to always invoke a trigger phrase, communicating in another language is faster and more natural,” explained LG.

The LG Tone Ultra SE also pack an external mono speaker so you can use them on the go without becoming oblivious to your surroundings, which will definitely come in handy or biking.

The only things LG didn’t announce is pricing and availability but we’ll definitely see them on the IFA Berlin showroom and ask for the details.
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