LG Unveils The “Whale”, Omnitasking Browser for LG Dual Screen

Today, LG and NAVER, the largest search engine provider in South Korea, introduced a new web browser.

Dubbed “Whale” and based on Google’s open-source Chromium browser, NAVER calls this browser “omnitasking”.

That means it’s capable of handling multiple tasks in a single screen, something that few mobile browsers can offer.

On the LG Dual Screen, Whale truly goes in uncharted waters for user experience and will surely provide a boon for e-commerce in general.

It allows for easy navigation between two browsing screens and introduces a new way to shop online.

“Those who enjoy online shopping will be able to select from a site’s main category menus on one screen while reading product descriptions on the other.

Bilingual users can search and read their favorite news sites in two different languages simultaneously with Whale,” explains the press release.

LG is getting ready to shine at IFA 2019 and says it will demo its newest smartphones with the NAVER Whale browser.

Could this tie with the patent for the LG Game Pad that just surfaced? Perhaps.

What’s for certain is that this is the browser for the LG foldable V60 ThinQ we’ve all been waiting to thumb and will get to, sometime next week at IFA.

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