Lockdown Boredom Gets TikTok 2 Billion Downloads

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Worldwide lockdown is affecting tech companies in different ways. While smartphone manufacturers are on a downward spiral sales-wise, some software developers are enjoying unprecedented success. For example, barely anyone heard of Zoom before all of this started.

TikTok creators are the latest to collect the fruits of their labor. The company just reached 2 billion downloads on Android and iOS devices, according to Cnet. The app managed to get 500 million downloads just in the last five months.

Users in India are at the top of the chart, taking 30% of the share. In the US about 164 million downloads were registered, of course, that’s not unique users, but it’s still impressive.

TikTok became very popular even before the lockdown, but with everyone bored at home, it became another fun way to communicate. Its popularity was especially increased by celebrities using it more often while stuck at home.

TikTok did not remain unappreciative of the situation, taking part in raising money for COVID-19 related charities. Earlier this month, the company pledged $375 million for multiple initiatives designed to help alleviate COVID-19’s impact. Most recently, TikTok added Donation Stickers that can be used on videos and live streams, to help organizations like the CDC Foundation, Meals on Wheels, No Kid Hungry, and so on.

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