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Lordle of the Rings Is the Wordle Clone To Kill A Few Hours

With the news that New York Times spent a “low seven figure sum” to buy Wordle, the popularity of this word puzzle game is nowhere near slowing down.

Now, there’s a Lord of the Rings Wordle clone in town and, of course, it’s called Lordle of the Rings.

Just like Wordle, this is a free game but you don’t have to play just once and you’re not limited to six guesses either.

You can simply refresh the page and play again, which is good news, considering there’s a lot of names and terms from Tolkien’s lore that aren’t accepted.

Easy guesses like hobbits’ names (think Bilbo or Bifur) are of course valid choices but if you try to venture into stuff from the Silmarillion, things can be hit or miss.

The Lordle of the Rings accepts “Valar” as an entry but if you try to give Valar names, big deities like Manwe for example, it will not accept them. “Ainur” was also a no-go for us, which kinda stumped us.

It’s likely that the only names it accepts are those found in the Lord of the Rings books, not the Silmarillion or Lost Tales, so those older terms it does accept might simply have shown up in the trilogy.

Either way, it’s a good way to procrastinate and to brush up on your Lord of the Rings trivia skills before the Amazon series launches. Play it here.

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Lordle of the Rings Is the Wordle Clone To Kill A Few Hours
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