Luigi’s Mansion Lego Set Next In Super Mario Lego Set Series

PC: Nintendo

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Luigi recently joined his brother Mario with his own Lego character and starter course. He will have his owned themed courses coming soon!

Announced on Nintendo’s YouTube account, Luigi’s Mansion will soon get the Lego treatment with three unique Lego sets.

The first set seems to be focused on Professor E. Gadd and his laboratory. The second looks like a cemetery with ghosts and boos around every corner. The final looks to be a little like the interior of the mansion, with King Boo residing over the scene.

Also making an appearance is Luigi’s poltergeist vacuum, perfect for sucking up the ghosts as they appear.

The Luigi’s Mansion-inspired set has not set release date on the video, but according to VGC, the set will release January 1st, 2022.

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Luigi’s Mansion Lego Set Next In Super Mario Lego Set Series
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