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Make Music Everywhere With A Simple Tap From An Instrumental Glove

You love playing with sounds and many times rhytms come to mind on the way to work. It’s frustrating not being able to record them instantly, but Remidi’s T8 wearable synth controller can change that situation.

In the form of a glove, the device allows you to compose on the go with an embedded sensor suite and a controller wristband. Sensors are distributed over the fingers, palm, side and heel of the glove. You just have to put it on, then tap any surface around you to create sounds; by a twist of the wrist, you can even add funky effects.

The more pressure you put in a touch and the longer time you spend pushing on metal or plastic, the more different the sounds will be as duration and intensity change. The wristband setup allows you to make live performances or compose music note by note. It has an RGB LED for feedback, two customizable buttons for play, pause or record and an encoder nob. Your creations then go to the dedicated app where you can add samples and synths or assign your own.

Don’t worry about the glove – it’s not going to be unbearable in summer. It is actually made from the sort of spandex swimmers wear to stay cool and try during training sessions. If the idea appeals to you, you will be able to buy it at $400 after launch or with $230 immediately after the Kickstarter campaign ends, on March 18.

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