McDonald’s Is Testing Its McPlant Vegan Burger in the US


More fast-food restaurants are getting accustomed to the vegan options increased demand and McDonald’s is no exception. The famous fast-food chain is now working on a new concept for its vegan customers – the McPlant burger.

 The burger will consist of a classic recipe of sesame seed buns, peas, rice, and potatoes, topped with mayo, ketchup, pickles, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, and American cheese. The testing will start on November 3rd, and customers should know that the upcoming McPlant will be cooked on the same grill as beef burgers. So whether it can be considered as purely vegan or vegetarian, will be up for them to decide.

For the vegan sandwich, McDonald’s will work with Beyond Meat. Back in February, two companies signed a three-year deal.

The new burgers will be tested out in seven different locations across the US. Check them out here:

Irving, Texas

Carrollton, Texas

Cedar Falls, Iowa

Jennings, Louisiana

Lake Charles, Louisiana

El Segundo, California

Manhattan Beach, California

So far, the McPlant test has been running in Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Austria, and the UK.

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McDonald’s Is Testing Its McPlant Vegan Burger in the US
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