Meet the Nest Home Max, Google's $230 Smart Display
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Meet the Nest Home Max, Google’s $230 Smart Display

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Google is finally embracing Nest or stepping into its cozy nook, whichever way you want to look at it.

The company announced at the Google I/O keynote the launch of the Google Nest Hub Max.

This 10-inch Google Assistant display is Google’s first smart display that features a built-in camera (and the first Google Nest product in itself).

That camera essentially functions as a Nest Cam, offering security features like motion and sound alerts. More than that, you can use gesture controls to play and pause videos. It’s also fitted with bigger speakers, so it can provide a decent audio experience.

Priced at $230, Google Nest Home Max is primed to take on the Amazon Echo Show, which retails for the same amount.

It still is a pretty expensive step-up from the recently discounted $130 Google Home Hub but does have the features to back that up.

One might be the facial recognition, which means the Nest Hub Max can show personalized notifications for each family member.

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