Meet the New HoloLens and Magic Leap Competitor, Lenovo ThinkReality A6

Meet the New HoloLens and Magic Leap Competitor, Lenovo ThinkReality A6

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Lenovo’s been pretty determined to make a statement in both the AR and VR markets. Its latest release, the ThinkReality A6, is an AR headset that rivals HoloLens and Magic Leap.

Since 2017, the most noticeable accomplishments of Lenovo consist in the Windows VR headset, Google Daydream device and the phone-powered AR gaming platform. In terms of future projects, Lenovo is teaming up with Oculus to launch the Rift S.

Now, the ThinkReality A6 is able to project virtual images into the real world through a pair of see-through lenses and comes with a three degrees of freedom (3DOF) motion controller.

Like the Magic Leap, the 380g light ThinkReality A6 runs on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 Mobile XR platform and an Intel Movidius VPU.

The device features a 40-degree diagonal field of view and integrates a display of 1080p per-eye with eye-tracking.

The price of this enterprise device has not been announced yet, and due to the fact that is business-oriented, it won’t probably be available to order online.

If It Has a Camera, We Know Something About It.

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