Microsoft Seeing AI App Explains Human Behavior To The Visually Impaired

microsoft seeing ai

Microsoft just released a free app that could make visually impaired people’s lives so much easier. Seeing AI can identify people and objects in seconds #mobilemagic

The computer vision app announced by Microsoft this March was just released on App Store. Users that have vision problems can download it to navigate through life easier. Seeing AI uses neural networks to figure out people, objects and documents. All users have to do is point the app camera towards a target and they’ll hear who that person is, how old he or she is and their emotions, as well as what objects are near them.

If they need to use a toaster, coffee maker or any other household appliance, the app can simply scan the barcodes to recognize the electronics. Microsoft has also enabled Seeing AI to read and scan documents, recognize US currency and give directions to users, when the camera isn’t focused on the target.

The AI algorithm runs locally on the phone, so users don’t need Internet connection to access it. Besides this perk, iOS owners will find that Seeing AI does face and object recognition incredibly fast: “[…] within a few milliseconds you’ll hear the result. It’s all about the speed, and we try to do as much as we can on the device.”

As for Android users, they will have to wait a while; there’s no info regarding the release date for Play Store.

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