Microsoft’s All Digital Console Might Arrive Later Than Expected


Microsoft is working on an upcoming disc-free Xbox One S, which is expected to be announced officially sometime in April but, according to new information, the console might actually launch across all Xbox markets, simultaneously, on May 7th.

The system won’t be very different from the existing Xbox One S, the only thing that will set them apart is that the new system will not feature a disc drive or an eject button. Additionally, it might arrive with a 1TB hard drive and digital download codes for Minecraft, Forza Horizon 3 and Sea of Thieves.

By the looks of it, Microsoft will start releasing more and more details about its upcoming console in the next few weeks – we don’t know anything about the price tag that will come attached to it yet and the other consoles might benefit from some price cuts with the arrival of their all-digital sibling.

So maybe refrain from buying an Xbox console for the time being and when we know more, so will you.

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