Mobile Users in India Will Get Access To The Most Secure Iris Authentication System

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Iris authentication has potential. Unlike face recognition, which can be tricked with a high-resolution photo, or fingerprint authentication that can be fooled with cloned prints, a biometric system that uses iris features to identify users is harder to crack. The sheer amount of detail needed in a picture to replicate the complexity of an iris is huge. Couple that with the advanced computer vision algorithms developed today… and hackers almost don’t stand a chance of bypassing it. Mobile users in India will see that for themselves this year, as the most advanced iris authentication solution hits the market #biomagic

This year, those who own a mobile device capable of iris recognition and live in India will no longer need to fear hackers. Their private data is going to remain private as long as they employ iris authentication. It seems that the most advanced iris security system available today is going to reach India in 2017, thanks to a collaboration between Safran Identity & Security, global leader in security and identity solutions, and FotoNation, global leader in computer vision and computational photography solutions.

The agreement between the two companies includes a cross-license of the relevant technologies needed for a high-performance mobile system (iris capture, recognition and control solutions). Their efforts are going to be known as BioNetra, an iris authentication solution that promises to work in all kinds of lighting and environmental conditions.

“As a top innovator in imaging technologies, FotoNation is a valued technology partner for us. It enables us to bring this powerful joint biometrics solution to consumers, easing the integration of advanced technologies by mobile vendors,said Yves Portalier, Vice President & General Manager of the Telecom Business Unit, Safran Identity & Security.

The biometric technology is going to be linked to the Indian Aadhaar program, the world’s largest biometric identity system with more than 1.1 billion people enrolled to date. So, although most users are thinking of iris recognition as a safe way to lock their device, the technology can be used for more than one purpose. Access to bank accounts, surveillance apps or healthcare and government services is going to be made safer after biometric authentication concludes. In this way, only mobile device owners will have access to sensitive data and no one else.

Manufacturers will benefit from the technology, too, enabling their devices to offer not just the best user experience, but the most secure. “Safran Identity & Security is playing a major role in implementing India’s UID biometric enrollment program and our joint solution will give mobile device manufacturers a powerful, field tested solution that is fully compatible with the program.“, said Sumat Mehra, Senior Vice President and General Manager of FotoNation.

After implementation on the Indian market, BioNetra will reach other countries in mere months.

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