Digital Detox? Mobvoi TicWatch S & E Smartwatches Can Help

For those who attended IFA 2018, us among them, one accessory was absolutely essential: a smartwatch, to notify you of any news coming out of Europe’s biggest tech event of the fall, and a fitness tracker to count just how many steps you took wandering through the halls of this major trade show. With that in mind, what better company to visit than Mobvoi, one of the up-and-coming stars in the smartwatch area?

We sat down with Jason Jung, Mobvoi’s Head of International PR, so we could better understand Mobvoi’s past and the way they’re taking the brand forward.

As Jason Jung told us, Mobvoi has been around since 2012 – it started as a software company with a strong background from Google and a major focus on AI. However, consumers really took notice in 2016, when Mobvoi also went the hardware route with the release of the TickWatches. These smartwatches were so appealing, the company raised more than $2 million on Kickstarter for the TickWatch 2 and then went even further, scoring $3 million through crowdfunding for the TickWatch S & E.

The TickWatch S & E drew a lot of glances at IFA Berlin not just because they run Wear OS but because they really do look stylish. The vivid colors, paired with translucent casings and creative bands all combine into making them go from really relaxed to sporty and even refined.

The successful Kickstarter campaigns are proof that Mobvoi constantly touches base with their customers and builds on their feedback. What do people want? According to Mobvoi, they really crave a digital detox.

You can toggle from ‘no notifications’ but still have a fitness watch all the way to full-fledged smartwatch. The benefit is battery saving but the human side of it is ‘Hey, I wanna dial down how much I’m connected’.

Watch the full talk to see exactly how the TickWatch S & E plans to deliver that and what design philosophy Mobvoi follows not just with their smartwatches but with their wireless buds, home speakers and other projects as well.

We can tell you one thing after this talk: Mobvoi really understands what a commute is like and the Tickwatches are designed to help you relax during those stressful times. With insights like these, it’s obvious why Mobvoi is backed by giants like Google and Volkswagen.

Watch the entire Q&A session with Mobvoi in the video above and more interviews from IFA on our YouTube channel!


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