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Build An Actual Touchscreen Computer with Kano’s DIY Computer Kit Touch

After creating that charming Harry Potter coding kit, Kano came back with the Computer Kit Touch, an amazing DIY set that lets you build an actual touchscreen computer.

In the box, you’ll find everything you need for your young one (or yourself, why not?) to build a computer. The educational kit comes with a Raspberry Pi, the chip that will power the computer, a 10.1-inch HD touchscreen, a keyboard, a trackpad, a microphone and, of course, plenty of cables and cases. It’s not quite a Lenovo Yoga or a convertible laptop, but for an educational DIY kit it does bring quite a lot of valuable components.

The best part? The included operating system is based on Linux, so it will be a valuable tool to learn programming skills or build even better Minecraft projects. With the coding courses available on Kano’s website, you can also learn quite a lot of web development tricks.

“Combining block-based and text-based coding, it shows you how modern computing systems work. It gets you inside the screen, rather than just in front of it, and provides a set of art, music, and programming tools – not just toys,” said Alex Klein, the CEO of Kano.

The Computer Kit Touch is already available on Kano’s website and retails for $279 – not too shabby since it includes a 10-inch touchscreen!
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