Revolutionary Air Purifier Destroys Pollutants at Molecular Level
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Revolutionary Air Purifier Destroys Pollutants at Molecular Level

Derek Hough, Molekule Air user/Molekule

More often than not, a situation that hits close to home will make you take action. Such was the case of solar technology expert D. Yogi Goswami, who developed a revolutionary air purifier after seeing his son battling asthma.

Molekule Air Mini home purifier does something most filters out there don’t; it destroys pollutants at a molecular level, instead of just trapping them on a filter where they can still grow and endanger us.

How come? It’s suited with PECO, Yogi Goswami’s patented photo electrochemical oxidation process. This technology, perfected after decades of work, is able to eliminate allergens, viruses, mold and volatile organic compounds from the air we breathe indoors.

Indeed, day after day, 9 out of 10 people across the globe are taking in polluted air, completely unaware. This results in 7 million deaths every year! In fact, only in America, more than 140 million people are living like this, according to the American Lung Association.

Disregarding air purifiers, in this context, seems almost foolish.

However, many of us are either not aware of the dangers or consider the price of investing in such a piece of tech too high.

For example, Goswami and his son’s company, Molekule, have been selling the Molekule Air, their first product, for $800. Not too cheap, if you ask me.

Luckily, the Molekule Air Mini, their 2019 offer, retails at just $400, making it much more accessible to masses.

For this money, you can get a PECO device designed for a space of 250 square feet. The Molekule Air Mini is 12 inches high and weighs just a bit over 7 pounds. It’s able to purify the air every 60 minutes, ensuring that you don’t have to breathe same air for more than an hour.

And they’re not stopping here. Molekule has teamed up with InterContinental Hotel San Francisco to do a study about sleep innovation in the hopes of finding the best solution to get rid of pollutants in hotel rooms.

Earlier this year, the company opened its first manufacturing facility in Florida, a great sign that we can expect more products from their line and improved technology in the years to come.   

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