Moment Releases 37mm Cine Filters For Smartphones

Moment Releases 37mm Cine Filters For Smartphones


Moment has released a new line of cinema-quality glass filters as add-on lenses for smartphones. The neutral density and circular polarizer filters comes in 37mm sizes and are easily attached to the Moment photo case via a filter adapter – this new adapter is the first one from Moment that adds the filter on the phone’s lens. 

The neutral density filters are used in cinema because they allow for a slower shutter speed when filming outdoors and in bright light environments – this in turn makes the video look more natural to the human eye as it adds some motion blur into the mix. 

Moment went the extra mile and put out a line of five such filters: the ND 4, which has two stops, ND 8 with three stops, ND 16 with four, ND 32 with five and the ND 64 with six stops.

The filters can compensate for different light intensities but each of them sells separately for $34,99 each. 

The circular polarizer filter can be used to cute glare from reflective surfaces but it can also be used to give greens and blues a bit of a boost. This filter retails for $44,99. 

However, you have to keep in mind that, in order to attach these filters to your phone you will need a Moment Photo Case as well as the filter mount, which costs an additional $9,99. If you do grab the mount in combination with a filter you will get $5 off. 

Moment currently has a sale up with 20% off that will last until Friday, so if you want to grab any of the products, you can head off to their official website and do so. 

Both the circular polarizer filter and the neutral density filter come with cinema quality glass with smart coatings that are hydrophobic and scratch resistant. They will also arrive in a metal container that will allow the users to transport them safely. 


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