Monument Organizes And Stores All Your Media In One Place, Using AI


Taking photos and recording videos is simple, in the sense that it takes just a few pushes of buttons on DSLR and smartphones. When it comes to organizing them and finding storage place though, it gets complicated. The creators of Monument seems to have everything figured out.

After syncing your smartphone or camera with Monument, the smart device automatically sorts through your photos and organizes them by time, location or the people that appear in them. All you need is a Wi-Fi network for smartphones syncing or SD card to transfer the data from your photo camera to it. Then, Artificial Intelligence algorithms recognize places and faces that occur in photos and create albums based on the data. You’ll have moments with your family stored in one folder and with your partner, in another one.


Instead of transferring media to your PC, crowding your disk or putting it on a cloud service, risking privacy issues, you use an external, personal device. Besides, you can find easily any photo you want, simply by typing a keyword such as beack, mountain or outdoor. When there’s no more room for data, you can use external USB drives.

Oh, and any time you want to show or send your photos to another friend you simply connect the device to your iOS or Android device or use an HDMI connection to display them on the TV.

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