NAB 2018: DJI Force Pro And Master Wheels Perfect Camera Control
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NAB 2018: DJI Force Pro And Master Wheels Will Create The Perfect Camera Movement

dji master wheels nab 2018

Best known for their drones, DJI has taken full advantage of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show, a trade show featuring new and emerging technologies, to announce their latest devices. Professional filmmakers are sure to rejoice at the Chinese manufacturer’s newest camera movement control systems, the DJI Force Pro and the DJI Master Wheels.

DJI Force Pro is an entry-level device targeted at users still getting familiar with the gimbal. It boasts a compass and Inertial Measurement Unit to help creators get perfect and precise camera movements. It has both a physical and on-screen dial. The former controls movements such as panning, rolling, and tilting, while the latter handles the speed on each axis and more. DJI has stated that with the Force Pro, the camera can stay fixed on a given frame. The Force Pro, however, is expected to cost $1,200.

dji force pro

DJI Master Wheels, on the other hand, is designed for master cinematographers. This high-end control unit works well with 3-axis stabilization units such as Ronin 2 or Ronin S. It’s a modular system, meaning that wheels and control modules can be attached or detached from the base. Master Wheels allows control of gimbal direction and has dials to control speed, dampening, and smoothness adjustments. The latency, or the delay between control input and control execution, is kept to as low as 10 milliseconds, meaning the Master Wheels offers super precise and real time gimbal control!

If you want to see these two units in action, head to the NAB Show happening in Las Vegas this week. For those eager to purchase their own unit, you can pre-order either the Force Pro or Master Wheels starting today.

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