NapBot Sleep Tracking App Is Now Available For Apple Watch
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NapBot Sleep Tracking App Is Now Available For Apple Watch


A first-party solution for a built-in Apple Watch sleep tracking system is not available just yet, though rumors have been floating around the company is working on one, including a leaked image that hints that it the case. 

Until we’ll get to see anything from Apple itself, third-party developers have been hard at work on releasing alternatives.

One of them is called NapBot and it has just recently been introduced to the App Store. It has been created by the same developers who made Cardio Bot and it uses CoreML to perform automatic sleep tracking when the users wear their Apple Watch to bed. It then sends all the data it gathered to the iPhone or the Watch apps. 

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you will first have to grant it permission to access your relevant data stored in the Health app. The app will track your sleep in the background without you having to set it to do so manually. Even better, you won’t even need to have the app installed on your Watch, the only requirement is that you wear it to bed. 

NapBot has three main tabs: Calendar, Trends and Settings. The Calendar shows a list of the most recent sleep entries which will offer you more details once you tap on them. Thanks to the machine-learning abilities via CoreML, NapBot will give the users detailed information about the quality and duration of their sleep such as percentages of the different sleep states and colored bars that show when they were awake or in light or deep sleep. 

The app also offers information on heart rate measurements and, since this is not easy data to interpret, NapBot will help you out some with additional info. 

Trends on the other hand will make you more aware of your sleep trends through days, weeks or months and highlight how well you’ve done (or not so well) when meeting your sleep goals, your average heart rate and also the noise level your environment contained while you were sleeping. 

The Settings tab, will, of course, offer you options and customizations. 

NapBot is quite straightforward, has an user-friendly interface and is free to download from the App Store. 


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