New Google Assistant Feature Makes The Internet Even More Accessible

New Google Assistant Feature Makes The Internet Even More Accessible

“Read it” is Google Assistant’s new feature that will read out loud anything on the internet, in 42 languages. It is accessible through browsers and Android smartphones, and is activated simply by saying “Hey Google, read it” or “Hey Google, read this page.”

While reading through the content of a webpage, words are being highlighted as it goes along. Reading speed may be altered to go slower or faster, and buttons to pause and skip backward or forward are on display while reading.

Don’t worry, Google Assistant’s voice isn’t dull, developers have made a real effort to have “expressive and natural voices”. The text will be read with intonations and rhythms, the same as humans would use if they read the text out loud themselves.

Google Assistant is capable to read content in 42 languages and instantly translates it to a preferred language. The feature can also be integrated into mobile apps and webpages that wish to block the feature can use the tag “nopagereadaloud”.

Google Assistant’s Read It will be most helpful for people with visual impairments or that have reading difficulties. The feature can also become handy in the kitchen, by reading recipes out loud while cooking.

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