New Google Pixel 4 Leaks Show Some Interesting Cut-Outs

New Google Pixel 4 Leaks Show Some Interesting Cut-Outs


Leakster extraordinaire Ice Universe has taken to Twitter yet again to show off the latest Google Pixel 4 leak, which stands in all its front-facing glory in an image that showcases a pretty sturdy chin bezel and a mysterious oval cutout. 

The devices, judging just from the images, look bigger than what we’ve come to see from Google’s competitors recently but the top cutouts on what’s more commonly known as ‘the forehead’ of the phone promise a handful of sensors and cameras. 

One of the cutouts is expected to feature a facial recognition sensor and a speaker. Another sensor that the devices might host could prove to be something called “Project Soli”. 

Google9to5 previously published a report on this particular sensor back in June. Soli is said to allow the users to control the phone with hand movements and would have the ability to tell the difference between them and identify platform-specific motions. Soli would also bring in “new Assistant interaction methods”.

The company did showcase Project Soli as early as 2016 and demoed the chip in a Wear OS smartwatch as well as a smart speaker but Soli only received FCC approval in 2018 and was cited as posing “minimal potential of causing harmful interference”. 

Because the Pixel 4 leaks have been consistent, back in June Google chose to release one single render of the device but only from the back. 

That wasn’t much of a problem because, in addition to the images from Ice Universe, OnLeaks and iGeeksBlog also revealed some renders of how the device is expected to look like. The device will allegedly feature a 5.6 inch display and measure 147.0 x 68.9 x 8.2 mm, 9.3 if the rear camera bump is to be included. 

The phone does not feature a headphone jack in the renders, or a fingerprint sensor anywhere on the back. Keep in mind that the renders have been created only on the yet unconfirmed information that has been doing the rounds online, so take it with the proverbial grain of salt. 

This situation looks a lot like a replay of last year’s Pixel 3, which saw the phone photographed in detail, reviewed in videos and left behind in a Lyft by mistake a long time before it was even fully revealed by the company. It was even said that the device made an appearance on the black market in Ukraine. Hopefully, the Pixel 4 won’t share the same fate. 

The smartphone is expected to launch in about three months so there’s still time left for plenty of leaks. 

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