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New Sikur One Security-Focused Corporate Phone Lets You Wipe It Remotely

A phone with great security that runs Android 11? The new Sikur phone promises just that – all the security-oriented features you might want, based on the Zero Trust principle.

According to that principle, no one is to be fully trusted, not even the user, so the apps require continual re-authorization and authentication.

The Sikur One uses a system called Sikur ID, which lets people authenticate password-les using a token, which can prevent the usual type of phishing and malware attacks.

The phone can be lost or wiped remotely, with backups done from the cloud, which makes sense, since it was designed with corporate and government use in mind.

Furthermore, users can’t install apps from unsecured third-party stores and have to use Sikur Messenger for communications, as it’s end-to-end encrypted.

Since it has access to Google Play Store, it can use any app from there as long as the organization in charge allows it.

On the hardware side, the Sikur One falls into the mid-range category. 

It has a 6.5-inch screen, an octa-core processor, 4GB of memory, 128 GB of storage (plus SD card slot for up to 512 GB storage). The Sikur One also features a triple rear camera and a fingerprint sensor.

Right now, it’s unclear how much the Sikur One will cost at retail. According to Engadget, it will come around $274 for the phone and a one-year license for the Sikur Messenger and mobile device management.

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New Sikur One Security-Focused Corporate Phone Lets You Wipe It Remotely

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