Newest Patent From Samsung Is For A Self-Healing Oleophobic Coating

Oleophobic coating is often found in modern smartphones – it goes on top of the display glass and provides a sleek surface that also adds protection against scratches and prevents fingerprint marks.

Samsung has been using glass extensively on its smartphones, which resulted in users sporting cracked Gorilla Glass-covered phones more often than not. But it seems Samsung has decided to take matters into its own hands and actually do something about all those shattered screens.

We now have news that Samsung patented a self-regenerating oleophobic coating with the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), which is applied on the Gorilla Glass.

The patent related to a modified formula and it should also prevent the appearance of fingerprints for a longer period of time. It’s unclear though what exactly the ‘healing’ part actually means. With rumors about Samsung launching a foldable smartphone next year, there is a possibility that the tech could aid the Samsung smartphone screen of the future.

For now, Samsung has not yet made any announcements regarding when we will see this new coating on its devices.

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