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Lotus: Your Own Personal Security Button

Credit: Seam Technic Ltd.

Lotus is a new device that comes from a company called Seam and it is intended to act as your very own ‘panic button’. It is a button-like piece of technology that holds a microphone and a speaker and is capable of connecting via Bluetooth. You can attach it to pretty much any piece of clothing or accessory and use it with the Seam Personal Security app.

The app allows users to share information with up to 5 “Guardians” (your contacts), which can consist of audio and photo information and the user location as well, all in real time.

The journeys are stored for 24 hours after they have first been recorded. If you want more functionality though, such as more storage time, Seam expects you to pay for it. By subscribing to “SeamPlus”, the users can store their journeys for up to 3 months and they can also download them.

The app can connect to your smartphone as well, in case you want to initiate a call with one of your 5 contacts. Whether you’re using an iOS device or an Android handset, you can make”two-way, hands-free audio calls”. Also, Android users will be able to program the device to make 911 calls.

Credit: Seam Technic / YouTube 

Lotus can give you easy access to the personal assistant on your smartphone, through which you can control the Seam app itself.

The battery gives the Lotus around 7 hours of standby or 5 hours of talk time and the device comes with a charging case that can give the Lotus a full charge for up to 6 times, collecting 42 hours of use.

The Lotus can be pre-ordered, with a 3-month subscription to SeamPlus for $130. The price also includes the charging case and a free accessory from the company.

*Edited to reflect the iOS vs. Android functions.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. SEAM Technic

    August 16, 2018 at 7:43 pm

    Thanks for the mention of the Lotus! I wanted to clarify that the device makes two-way audio calls on BOTH iPhones and Android phones. It can also be programmed to make a call to emergency services such as 911 but that is the feature that is only available on Androids.

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