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Nike to Launch New, Lighter and Cheaper Self Lacing Shoes in 2019


The self-lacing shoes we’ve seen Marty McFly sport in Back To The Future have been captivating our minds ever since the movie came out. They became iconic under Nike, who did make them a reality by creating the Nike Mags, a limited-edition that sold – and still sells – for crazy prices that go up in the thousands.

Following its success, during the company’s quarterly earnings call, Nike decided to announce that it will release a lighter and cheaper version of the sneaker sometime in 2019.

I’m excited to announce that in the new year we’ll launch a new adaptive performance platform in basketball […],” Nike CEO Mark Parker stated “We have a smart shoe designed for the perfect fit, and it’s a major step in advancing and connecting our digital transformation to product.”

The shoes will reportedly cost around $350 and will most likely be geared towards actual athletic performance rather than just focus on innovative design.

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