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Nike and Adidas Inspired PC Case Is a Must for Sneakerheads

Custom PC cases are loads of fun but rarely break the mould. Sneaker X, though, is a clear exception.

For sneakerheads, a sneaker-emulating PC gaming case is the ultimate accessory. Cooler Master thought so too and is bringing one to the market this year.

Sneaker X has the shape and design of a high-end sole from the likes of Nike, Adidas and Balenciaga. It’s also fierce and edgy which makes it perfect for gaming setups.

Although it resembles a shoe closely, it’s far bigger than that. This video shows what you can expect in terms of size and attention to detail:

We don’t know specifics but the producer did say that it could “accommodate the latest top-of-the-line CPU and GPU as well as an AIO cooler.”

While Cooler Master isn’t exactly the first to come up with this concept, modder JMDF submitting it first to Case Mod World Series 2020, it is the first company – as far as we know – to make it reality.

Price and launch date are up in the air but pre-orders should start in Q3 2022.

Although Sneaker X is the cherry on the cake, the company didn’t forget its equally creative but less-into-sneakers customers. For them, it worked on colorful sets for smaller PCs. The Mini X cases come in two tones and are swappable giving users some much-needed variety.

Customers can choose between black and gunmetal gray, black and purple or pink and light blue.

Pre-orders for these ones should start sooner, in Q2 2022, but once again, we don’t know the price range they’ll come with.

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Nike and Adidas Inspired PC Case Is a Must for Sneakerheads
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