Samsung Is Working on 'Bright Night' Mode, Allegedly For The Galaxy S10

Samsung Is Working on ‘Bright Night’ Mode, Allegedly For The Galaxy S10

samsung galaxy s10 all-screen display concept renders

After Huawei P20 Pro came around with the Night Mode and Google added up to the hype with it own Night Sight update, it looks like more companies are starting to focus on improving their cameras with more advanced low-light techniques.

A report coming in from XDA Developers tells us that Samsung is also working on a feature that will be called Bright Night, which is expected to come along with the upcoming Galaxy S10.

This feature takes multiple photos in low-light environments and then combines them into one single image that offers more detail – all you’ll have to do is hold the phone up just a bit longer than you normally would. The photo will not be overexposed and the feature will not rely on the LED flash.

Samsung will most likely announce any changes or updates to its camera app as soon as its newest phones start rolling out but we can speculate that the feature might turn out to be a Galaxy S10 exclusive.

As soon as we find out anything more, we’ll let you know.

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