Nintendo World Attraction Closes Temporarily Because of Rogue Goombas

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Perhaps it may be expected for a Mario-themed Super Nintendo World, but Goombas have gone rogue! Their perilous deeds in service of Bowser have stopped Mario and the guests of Super Nintendo World in their tracks. Literally! Who will save the citizens of Mushroom Kingdom now?

Histrionics aside, it appears that a Super Nintendo World ride has been halted due to a set of decorative Goombas falling on the track. According to VGC, the decorative piece was a set of four Goombas stacked on top of each other. These Goombas fell on an amusement ride’s tracks near the entrance of a tunnel, luckily avoiding anyone riding the attraction and guests of the park.

Officials at the amusement park closed done several attractions until the next day to check on the safety of the rides and stability of structures. It has yet to be reported what the exact cause of the falling Goombas was.

Hopefully this malfunction has been rectified and will be addressed before the amusement part comes to other locations, including Universal Studios Hollywood.

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Nintendo World Attraction Closes Temporarily Because of Rogue Goombas
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