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No More Junk! France To Ban Wish From Search Engines and App Stores

Are you sick and tired of seeing Wish.com ads for questionable junk? Or perhaps lost some money through a Wish order that didn’t deliver?

You’re not alone and France wants to ban Wish entirely.

Multiple French ministers issued a statement announcing that they asked the main search engines and mobile app stores to hide Wish.com entirely.

The popular e-commerce platform will be essentially shadowbanned, with only the people who have the app downloaded already being able to use it.

The move comes after the popular e-commerce platform was investigated by the French authorities in charge of consumer rights and fraud.

The authorities wanted to put a stop to the counterfeit Wish products, from branded perfumes and sneakers, and found a troubling amount of issues.

After ordering 140 different goods on Wish.com, they found that 95% percent of the toys didn’t comply with European regulation and 45% of them were actually dangerous.

The same findings applied to electronics as well, with 90% dangerous and 95% not for sale in Europe.

“Wish already stood out during the first lockdown by selling facemasks that don’t meet safety standards. French people who are using the app to find low-cost products should know that they’ll mostly find scams,” said Cedric O, the Minister of State for digital and telecommunications last year. 

Wish is now known mostly as a meme, with creepy or downright hilarious Wish ads making the rounds online. 

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No More Junk! France To Ban Wish From Search Engines and App Stores
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