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Watch: Real-life Squid Game with $456,000 Prize On YouTube

Another real-life Squid Game?  Yes, indeed, and this one has a major prize: $456,000.

Famous YouTuber MrBeast brought together 456 players to play the exact challenges from Squid Game, all for a chance to win $456,000.

A partnership with the online video game Brawl Stars, this real-life Squid Game happens exactly like in the show, only with a few safety nets to make sure no one gets hurt.

From the Dalgona cookie challenge to the rope game on a high platform and the glass walkway, MrBeast and his partners recreated all the games from Netflix’s most popular show.

The commitment to recreating it is most impressive, as each contestant is dressed in the green uniform and even the guards have the red outfits on.

Since hitting YouTube Wednesday afternoon, the real-life Squid Game video already racked over 30,000,000 views.

If you’re looking for something to watch after Squid Game, try Yellowjackets – it’s just as gory and unpredictable!

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Watch: Real-life Squid Game with $456,000 Prize On YouTube
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