This New Samsung Camera App is For Pro Photographers

Samsung’s native camera app is nothing to complain about, giving users plenty of things to tweak and edit. However, the keen photographers among you will be happy to know Samsung has a separate camera app planned for pros.

The new camera app from Samsung is called Expert Raw and has been released in beta on the Galaxy Store.

One of the best things about it is the multi-frame-based 16-bit RAW support. Suitable for the main, ultra-wide, telephoto, and periscope cameras, this mode tackles all four cameras of the Samsung flagships (not just the main and ultra-wide as the standard app allows).

This means users are set to get RAW shots from all four cameras with better sharpness, detail and dynamic range.

As expected from an app dedicated to pros, the Expert Raw also brings HDR functionality, lossless JPEG support, ISO, shutter speed, exposure, and more manual controls. It also allows Galaxy S users to export RAW profiles to Adobe’s Lightroom.

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Speaking of, not everyone owning a Galaxy S device will be able to use the app just yet. At first, this product will be available only for those folks that have a Galaxy S21 Ultra and Android 12 installed.

Don’t lose hope, though – we’re pretty sure Samsung will make it available to more phones down the line!

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If you do own a Galaxy S21 Ultra and want to try it out, you can install it from the Galaxy Store or wait for it to exit beta stage and get it as a fully-fledged, official product.

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This New Samsung Camera App is For Pro Photographers
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