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No Need For Friends’ Advice! This Fitting Room Can Be Your Personal Stylist

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Usually, men don’t need a chaperone during shopping, but women almost always rely on friends’ advice. To choose one item from so many temptations can be daunting; especially if they want to make a purchase they won’t regret afterwards. With that in mind, Oak Labs built a smart mirror for fitting rooms that acts as a personal stylist #objectmagic

The Oak Mirror works in two ways: for retailers, it leverages customer data and makes purchases more probable; for customers, it provides much-needed assistance. The first one was established in a Polo Ralph Lauren flagship store in New York City last year. As the demo above shows, the moment customers enter, lights turn on. The device recognizes immediately the number of items brought in, thanks to the RFID antenna, and displays them on the touchscreen. Users can then select a different artificial light; one that mimics the cold one found in clubs, for example, if they’re looking for a party outfit.

Once they’re done, they can select a language and wait for a bunch of options to appear. From the menu, customers can either request a different color of the item taken to the fitting room or another size; a store employee will come with it. Besides this type of assistance, the smart mirror will suggest styling recommendations, challenging buyers to leave the store with an entire outfit.

At the end of the fitting experience, the Oak mirror will help customers to view their fitting sessions later, through a mobile link, and pay quickly.

Why try it? well, the whole experience is great if you want to avoid standing in lines, looking frantically for items in the store and interacting with store employees.

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