High-Tech Body Armor Lets You Unleash Your Inner Warrior And Live Afterwards

Martial arts training helps you learn new skills and put them in practice when your life is truly in danger. Otherwise, you’re stuck to practice and demonstrations, with no use of weapons unless you’re prepared to do serious damage. Unadvisable by most martial arts’ instructors, of course. But Unified Weapons Master wants to bring back the fun in fighting with a high-tech body armor that would ensure your, as well as your adversary’s safety #objectmagic

UWM launched an Indiegogo campaign to help begin mass production of a special suit called the Lorica that protects the wearer from weapon blows. This way, you can live your gladiator dream, without causing permanent damage.

Lorica is made of carbon fiber and impact-resistant foam while being packed with sensors that indicate the parts of the armor struck and the intensity of the blows. All data colected during fighting is then transferred wirelessly to a special computer system that keeps score. Understandably, while hits on the torso and limbs aren’t that deadly, those in the head, throat or chest would cause some serious problems for a fighter.

The final goal is to organize live combat events starting this year but, for that to happen, UWM has to raise enough money to put the final touches to the armor, fighting arena and scoring system. Then, users will be able to blow some steam in a Mortal Kombat way, without the fatalities, of course.

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