NordicTrack Announces Fitness Bike That Will Keep You Motivated With VR Games

NordicTrack Announces Fitness Bike That Will Keep You Motivated With VR Games


Most of us find it difficult to work up the energy to go to the gym and I bet the stationary bike is not at the top of the list of your favorite workout devices either. But perhaps that will change in the near future, with NordicTrack’s newly announced Virtual Reality bike.

Getting your daily dose of cardio while exploring in VR might just prove to be the next best thing, from what we can tell so far.

While it might sound quirky, the company developed a demo game called The Aeronauts, which was designed specifically with the stationary bike in mind.

The bike employs the use of a Vive Focus headset that, while playing The Aeronauts, gets you up in the sky as you start pedaling. As you pedal and go through some golden rings, you experience a detail-rich scenery of oceans and mountains.

You’ll also soon realize the game has placed you in a pedal-powered glider. Balloon targets can be shot down by just fixing your gaze on them as you navigate through checkpoints.

You can use the handlebars of the bike the same way you’d use a game controller and pull your glider downwards, upwards or to the sides. The bike also features a fan that blows cool air at the same intensity you’re going within the game.

It’s an immersive enough experience to make you forget you’re actually doing cardio and, if you’re even in the least competitive, you’re definitely not going to allow the software to beat you in your race through the skies.

The bike will be released sometime in the summer, but it will weigh heavy on the customer’s wallets, with a price tag of $2000. But sometimes, the cost of keeping motivated might just be worth it.

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