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Now You Can Record Video That’s Immune To Motion and Vibration

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You can have the perfect concept for a cool vacation or music video and even the talent to pull it off but without a mechanical gimbal your image will go south. Vibrations and oscillations are hard to keep in check when you’re holding the camera unless… the solution lies within the device itself, rather than on the outside. We’re talking about video stabilization hardware that FotoNation will present at the Embedded Vision Summit.

The company has developed a solution that can process video at up to 60 FPS while guaranteeing immunity to platform motion and vibration. Basically, you can obtain super steady video – no large motions of the imaging platform or vibrations – without carrying a mechanical gimbal after you. The company calls it the new “digital gimbal” and for good reason – it’s not just a portable, no-fuss stabilizer you have with you at all times, but it’s an energy-efficient (as proven in the smartphone and action-camera market), GPU-free chipset solution that takes you one step further into the future.

If we throw in the ability to correct distortions created by wide-angle lenses, while keeping the high frame-rate, real-time delivery, we’re talking about a pretty impressive achievement that can easily go in your next drone, wearable or larger application.

Find out more about the Embedded Vision Summit and its speakers, here.



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