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Nreal Light Become the First 5G Mixed Reality Glasses That Fold

Nreal is really pulling out all the stops this year. After checking out their amazing demo at CES, we discovered their upgraded glasses at Barcelona. The Nreal Light are now capable of folding, running at 5G speeds and playing AR Games like YuMe.

The 85 gram mixed reality glasses that were designed to look similar to a pair of run-of-the-mill sunglasses will now be as portable as their inspiration model. Nreal added foldable temples, making them easy to store in your shirt pocket or in a typical sunglasses case.

Design-wise, they male the sexiest, sleekest MR device we’ve encountered. Couple that with outstanding visuals, DTS immersive audio, 6DoF and prescription glasses and you’ll have a heard time criticizing it.

We wanted to make these glasses as close to sunglasses as possible

Especially after the glasses became 5G-compatible. Nreal Light can now plug into a smartphone with Snapdragon 855 chip and run on 5G speeds. The company showed GDC attendees what the device can do in those circumstances with a YuMe game demo.

You can fold them up and put them into a sunglasses case and take it on the go

Speaking of content available for Nreal Light, Francis Bea, spokesperson for the company, told us that they “are working with developers at this stage. […] We’re focusing on casual gaming, productivity and entertainment.”

Nreal Light should launch in Q3 of this year, at the price of a top-notch smartphone, so around $1000.

Now that Nreal Light went foldable, could we see it lose its tether and go wireless, as well? We didn’t get a confirmation on those plans, only that it would need to be done carefully. “We don’t want to sacrifice the form factor too much.”, said Bea.

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