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Nvidia Broadcast App Gets Deepfake Update To Make You Look at the Camera

A godsend for anyone who had to record a webinar or has issues looking into the camera – and also a very uncanny valley effect.

The new Nvidia Broadcast app update comes with both, as the company just implemented a deepfake technology that makes it look like you are making eye contact with the camera.

The Nvidia Broadcast “Eye Contact” feature replaces your eyes with deepfaked ones that always align with the camera, making it look like you’re not reading from a script.

An editor from The Verge tried it and said the effect worked well “except for all the times it didn’t.”

And, if you look at their video, it’s a somewhat convincing effect but sometimes the speaker’s eyes jump so fast to focus on you, it’s more than a little creepy.

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“Eye Contact is ideal for content creators seeking to record themselves while reading their notes or a script, or avoiding having to stare directly at the camera. Video conference presenters will look at the eyes of the person they’re speaking with, improving engagement with their audiences,” says Nvidia in the blog post announcing the feature.

The company asks users to help refine the feature by trying it and sending them a short video with their results.

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Nvidia Broadcast App Gets Deepfake Update To Make You Look at the Camera
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