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Watch: Disney’s AI FRAN Makes Actors Younger Or Older In Seconds

Mark Hamill playing his younger self in Star Wars or Harrison Ford being de-aged for Indiana Jones are just some examples of de-aging technology at Disney but this is just the beginning.

Prepare to be amazed and watch this video of Disney’s face re-aging and de-aging tool, then get ready to probably get super bored of Disney’s future movies.

Disney’s AI is capable of making actors younger or older in mere seconds, a tool that makes Hollywood execs drool thinking of how many times they can re-use the same actors.

While movies like The Irishman spent a significant chunk of their multi-hundred-million budgets on de-aging actors by using legions of animators and visual effects artists, Disney’s AI could do that very cheap.

FRAN, the name of the tool (face re-aging network), is a neural network that can analyze which part of an actor’s face is more likely to be affected by aging, then modifies that part to simulate aging or de-aging. According to Disney, the Fran AI can add or smooth wrinkles in a single step, even with the actor in motion, without having artists do an extra face alignment.

You can read how the de-aging / re-aging tool works in this whitepaper

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Watch: Disney’s AI FRAN Makes Actors Younger Or Older In Seconds
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