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Can You Tell Which Face Is Real? These AI-Generated Photos Teach You How to Spot Deepfaked Images

With more and more deepfakes around and with AI-generated images becoming almost indistinguishable from the real deal, this website is an incredible tool to teach you how to spot computer-generated imagery.

Can you tell which face is real? This catchy website asks you to pick between two photos that, at first glance, depict real humans.

The catch is that one of them is made by StyleGan software and is not a photo of a real person.

Initially, you’ll think both photos are of real people but if you look closely enough there are telltale signs of AI-generated images.

The first thing you should take into account is the background of the portrait. Photos of real people have backgrounds where you can kind of tell what’s going on, while AI photos usually feature and abstract or wonky looking background, as the image is a composite from other images.

The same applies to details as well – if you see a wonky facial feature, artifacts around the hair or clothes that have weird wrinkles, that’s a telltale sign that the image is just a mashup of photos of real people.

Try to guess which face is real 10 times then let us know how you did in the comments. We got 8 out of 10 because some of these images are incredibly lifelike.

The project was launched in 2019 by Jevin West and Carl Bergstrom at the University of Washington as part of the Calling Bullshit project, an aptly-named book that aims to promote informed skepticism in an increasingly post-truth landscape.

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Can You Tell Which Face Is Real? These AI-Generated Photos Teach You How to Spot Deepfaked Images
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