This Hilarious Criminal Life Hack Goes Viral: Meet the Fake Silicone Finger

prostethic finger ai-generated hack

Want to avoid being prosecuted for your crime? 

Simply use a silicone finger and you could, in theory, claim the footage you appeared in was AI-generated or doctored. 

The viral lifehack shows a prosthetic silicone finger and encourages you to “wear extra fingers so photo / video evidence will be inadmissible as it will appear to be AI generated.”

criminal lifehack meme

And yes, this meme is definitely a good reply.

For those not in touch with what’s happening with AI generators and AI-generated visuals, the tools available today tend to create very believable images at first sight but with obvious flaws if you know where to look. There was even a tool launched in 2019 which taught people to spot fake faces and some of those tips apply to fingers too.

For the last couple of years, most AI image generators have spat out more and more realistic portraits but all of them tend to get really confused when generating fingers, teeth and other small details. 

The hilarious life hack currently making the rounds online is just 2023’s version of wearing reflective hoodies so your face is invisible to CCTV, aka just another small trick to avoid invasive technology. 

Still, while those hoodies are still super popular everywhere, I can’t imagine urban thugs loitering about wearing extra silicone fingers.

What do you think, would this trick work? How long until it’s “patched out”?

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