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O-R3 Car And Drone Partnered Up To Protect The People Of Singapore

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After Dubai welcomed in their ranks the first Robocop of Earth, Singapore got the first Robocar and Robodrone to help their people. O-R3 is a security detail formed by an autonomous car and an UAV that anyone can hire to feel safer #automagic

Startup Otsaw Digital developed an autonomous security vehicle that reminds us of a cute golf cart. But looks are deceiving. As cute as the vehicle is, it will go to great lengths to apprehend intruders. The company equipped the car with 3D LIDAR sensors, GPS and computer vision technology to detect and identify faces, objects and license plates. Otsaw Digital claims the car is able to tell the difference between a member of personnel and a trespasser. When that happens, the car goes in pursuit of the offender or sends its partner, a drone, after him.

The security drone can follow a person from 328 feet away, once it gets the command from the car. This tandem work is what made the unusual pair famous. Now, O-R3 is even known as the world’s first ground-aerial outdoor security robot.

otsaw O-R3 car and drone

Unlike human guards, these guys can work 24/7, looking out for strangers trying to break in a building or home and keeping tabs on peculiar fellows. That said, their creators believe they alone can’t keep someone safe. As such, O-R3 is seen more as a help than an independent guard.

For now, the car-drone security robot is available only in Singapore. O-R 3 isn’t up for purchase, only hire, at a pretty steep cost: $10,000/month. The high price and outdoor capabilities of this robot makes it perfect for business clients that have office buildings to keep under surveillance. For the average Joe, the company is working on a smaller indoor model with no lasers and drones.

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