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Ohmie Is A Compostable, 3D-Printed Lamp Made From Orange Peels

Ready to switch to compostable appliances?

Then this lamp from Milanese design agency Krill Design might have a place in your home.

The Ohmie lamp is a compostable, 3D-Printed lamp made from discarded Sicilian orange peels.

Krill Design has worked for years to create a completely natural and compostable biopolymer made out of discarded orange peels and vegetable starches.

The result is not too shabby looking, considering it’s made out of the peel of two to three oranges added to a biopolymeric base made from vegetable starches.

Why oranges?

Ohmie 3D-printed lamp made out of orange peels

Wired quotes Domiziana Illengo, Krill’s marketing manager, who says the reason is not just the abundance of the fruits.

“The link between the base biopolymer made from the fermentation of vegetable starches and the added material from organic crops is that they need sugars in order to bond.

Oranges are particularly rich in, not exactly sugar but carbohydrates, which on a chemical level is basically the same thing. And so this helps us develop a sturdy material,” she explained.

And the best part? It’s not just the smell!

“From the orange-skin pattern, on the outer surface, to the thin layers from 3D printing and its smell, we are reminisced of baking cookies with nonna (grandma) or picking ripe oranges in childhood summers.”

This sustainable lamp is more affordable than you think, considering it’s the world’s first lamp made out of oranges.

The Ohmie lamp starts at just 59€ for those who back it early on Kickstarter, a 40$ discount off the retail price.

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Ohmie Is A Compostable, 3D-Printed Lamp Made From Orange Peels
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