Older Huawei Phones Might Not be Able To Load Google’s Apps

Huawei’s license allowing the company to develop OS updates to dedicated devices has expired, and we are now wondering what will be happening to future Android support for our handsets.

Not being able to license Google Moblie Services anymore directly affected Huawei’s ability to load Google apps on its devices. According to the Entity List, Huawei devices produced after May 16th 2019, are not allowed to use the Google Mobile Services version of the open-source OS.

Nowadays, over 700 million people with a Huawei device are running on the company’s own Huawei Mobile Services. But the temporary general license (TGL) expired yesterday, therefore older Huawei handsets like those commercialized prior the company’s placement on the Entity List, may no longer be able to license Google Mobile Services.

However, the temporary general license could be renewed as it would significantly help rural telecom firms in the states, as some of them are using Huawei’s equipment in their networks.

Sadly, there is no info on the U.S. extending the temporary license and these small firms could spend about $1.89 billion to remove the equipment from 3G and 4G networks, not to mention the process will take a long time.

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