OnePlus 3 Hears Fans Out And Solves Slider And Fingerprint Sensor Issues


One Plus 3 has made throngs of fans happy as the latest update for OxygenOS solves two of their most pressing issues #softwaremagic #mobilemagic

It’s been two months since the launch of One Plus3 and the company is still working on its features, proving once more that customers do count. As a matter of fact, One Plus has always been adamant on building and offering a great user experience (the key to actually becoming a flagship killer), from interface to great tools they knew consumers would appreciate, like great features to complement an already kickass camera module. It seems that’s why they continued working with FotoNation after the One Plus X success – who wouldn’t want to take beautiful selfies, crisp panoramas or detailed HDR pictures ?! Now, they’re improving the whole experience again, by solving the things users had a hard time with.

First, the slider didn’t disable vibration when put on silent mode something that probably bugged students and co-workers in equal measure. Then, the fingerprint sensor kept working even when put in the pocket, causing device to heat and battery to drop quickly.

Now, the OS 3.2.2 has fixed both problems, also updating 4K video recording codec, improving notification management and other things. Users noticed it quickly and shared their thanks: 

This update shows that OP is hearing us loud and clear with all the big bugs has been fixed in this update specially the (Pocket issue & Alert slider) 🙂 – Jitesh Saitawadekar 

Excellent approach towards the customer satisfaction, that’s why i am fan of oneplus and have all mobile versions till date. Keep it up we all are with you. – Sen2015

Mobile manufacturers, tech notes – this is how it’s done!

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