OnePlus 6 Still Has Room for Improvement

Credit: One Plus

The OnePlus 6 has a lot of good features that have people talking. The camera is great, the design is sleek, and the phone sports a fast processor.

Even with all those built-in specs, the OnePlus 6 could have been better, according to reviews:

Battery Life 

The battery cell is fairly powerful as it lasts for 15.5+ hours. However, it dies about an hour and a half sooner than the OnePlus 5T. Because they sport the same battery size – 3,300 mAh – this could be chalked up to more processing power needed in the new phone.

Portrait Selfies

This particular feature wasn’t implemented in the phone at launch, but OnePlus promised it would come soon. A small detail that OnePlus is actively working to add to the phone, some users are sure to be unhappy that the feature doesn’t come prepackaged with the phone.

Expandable Storage 

OnePlus 6 comes with 64GB, 128GB and 256GB of storage, but doesn’t come with a MicroSD slot. This would have been a nice addition though, since a compatible card costs less than the next phone model.

Wireless Charging

Samsung, Apple, and LG have taken the lead on charging technology and the OnePlus 6 smartphone could have had wireless charging since it sports a glass back. Unfortunately, the company did not embrace that possibility. It might be because they wanted to keep the phone affordable or that they are simply waiting for the technology to further improve before they add it.

Support for Verizon and other CDMA Carriers

OnePlus 6 does not support CDMA, the network technology that powers most major networks in the US, China, and South Korea. There’s not a clear answer yet as to why OnePlus did not support CDMA carriers considering the US is the world’s second largest mobile market.

Keep Prices Steady 

The OnePlus 6 is still a good deal, considering how expensive smartphones are getting with each passing year. However, OnePlus tries to keep hardware fairly affordable, opting out of more expensive features that add to the price of the smartphone in question.

Looking at OnePlus’s pricing history, the OnePlus One, which was launched in 2014, had a starting price of $300. One Plus 6’s base model starts at $529. While the One Plus 6 does have more features than the previous models, other companies also offer budget smartphones that have improved with the times, but kept prices low. The company has built its reputation on low-cost advantages and that’s why it has so many followers.

If OnePlus improves on these aspects, and continues to add more features for its users, the smartphone could really be perfect.

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